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Introduce Paintball

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Back in the old days of 2011, when I first started playing SAMP GTA RP, A huge thing for the roleplay community that I played on back then was the Paintballing center. At the paintbaliing center you’d pay, normally a small amount of cash, in order to wager against a group of other players. They would then be spawned into an arena or their choosing with weapons and health of their choosing (ex: normally people would set it to Deagles only and set health to 20-50) It was amazing for aim practice and it was great for getting to meet new people. It really brought the old community together and I met many people that I played with for years in a paintball match for the first time. It would be a great addition here and I think it would make whatever area it is in more active and populated.


Here’s a video clip of how it was on the old server:


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