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Hello! I am Jeonsa!

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Aint one for writing fancy posts on Forums. But ill introduce myself!

Been meanin to get into some GTA V RP servers, and was lookin round and decided on this one. One of my buddys that already ETSed used to always talk bout em so decided to give it a try. 

As for myself, I listen to a lot of country, bluegrass, southern rock, and other obscure genres of music. I enjoy cooking, mainly Polish, Korean, and a few other kinds of dishes. I also play multiple instruments, Banjo (Closed and open back, both Scruggs and Clawhammer style) Guitar, Mandolin, Haromnica, Tin Whistle, Irish Bouzouki, and just started learnin the Fiddle. 

Other then that, not much else. But excited to interact with the community and get started ingame!

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