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Tommy Tiernan

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Tommy Tiernan - Northern Irish hoodlum

Since Tommy's youth, there has been a history of anti-social behaviour. During his primary school years, his parents were both alcoholic drug users. Often being malnourished and having no food for days, tommy resorted to taking his parents drugs and selling them on the streets. Due to this, he often was not in school. When he was in school, there was only issues with the other children. Fighting and hurling abuse was a standard. Tommy knew he had to fend on his own.

As tommy got older and advanced onto high school, his attendance got better in school only because that's were he was able to sell drugs with next to no issues, even selling to the teachers. During these years, Tommy found himself getting mixed into a group of others 
with a similar life. This propelled his drug activities and only made it worse. Dealing with big time drug traffickers, he held the responsibility of raking in tens of thousands pounds on a weekly basis.

Things evolved at a rate no one expected, being from Northern Ireland he then got tied into paramilitary activities. With the terrorism threat being raised to severe in 2009, Tommy felt the force of the Police and was often raided. In most cases Tommy was smart enough to realise that his role held a lot of responsibility so often stashed his goods far away from the main headquarters where is "gang" operated.

Tommy was caught eventually on Gun charges and done a few years in the slammer. This is where things get interesting. Some would say these were the most important years in Tommys life as he was able to gain more big time connections for the drug world. When he got out of the slammer, he went from raking in tens of thousands weekly to hundreds of thousands. With big deliveries of cocaine coming in through Cork and Dublin, the Police were more than aware of the drug activity but they fell short on multiple occasions.

Tommy got involved with the Irish Republican Army and then got into arms dealing, not only through the United Kingdom and Ireland, but also for terrorist groups around the world. Buying and selling guns had a lot more money involved, especially at the rate Tommy was doing it.

Eventually Tommy's compound which was under someone elses name, got raided and over 4million street value of drugs was seized, 12million cash as well as a bunch of guns. Tommy was lucky to get away with this one as he was not on site nor was there any ties to him, however unfortunately his people did not get so lucky. Three quarters of his group was locked up for a very long time.

Tommys wife was murdered by the UVF shortly after this event took place. This put tommy in a place he did not like. Suffering from depression and his kids being put into social services, Tommy was at an all time low for months on end.

Tommy knew he had to do something, he dreaded even the thought of having to do it, but had to move and become anonymous. With 3 kids, he left them behind in social services and jumped ship to the Mainland UK, London.

With a rough past, Tommy had a "Fresh" start in life. Unfortunately, life was not so different even in the mainland UK. Where he had moved, there was a heavy gang presence and with the gang seeing this vulnerable solo male, they often tried pressing him into working for them, even tried robbing him and his property.

You do NOT fuck with Tommy. One night after his property being broke into, he had CCTV and decided to take things into his own hands instead of contacting the police (Tommy would NEVER work with the police). Tommy took a baseball bat, went to the intruders and battered them black and blue. The "gang" now knew who not to fuck with.

Coincidently, his old life followed him. People now began to look upto Tommy as he took a "father figure" for those around him. With trying to live a normal life, he realised the financial side of things just wasn't there. He was sick of living a basic, boring life.

Tommy got a connect to start selling drugs again, this time at a level no one ever expected. There was a high demand for drugs in this area and he was at the forefront of it. With so much money coming in, he had to setup a legal business to run the money through so that it was all legitimised. Having been very experienced, he knew the risks and things to avoid to stop going to prison.

With him virtually having a hidden identity, he was unable to set up the business in his name, so he got his Right hand man Sammy to be the name and face of the business, but Tommy was the one running things.

They decided to setup a nightclub and security business which lead onto valuable reputation within the city. Being one of the biggest nightclubs in the city, this was the hotspot for selling drugs. In their closed premises in a safe setting, people were able to enjoy themselves without running the risk of overdosing.

With the security firm taking off, they had a lot of jobs which required a lot of staff, before you knew it, it was an enterprise of over 1000 employees. Taking up security for all other nightclubs and local businesses, that alone was raking in a decent amount of money, however again - This money did not concern Tommy with how much the drugs were bringing in.

Ofcourse things eventually turned sour when other gangs were realising the money they were losing out on due to the competition. His nightclub, as well as other nightclubs were often getting targeted which in itself was causing a lot of issues as people not involved obviously did not want any heat or criminal activities taking place in their premises.

Losing a lot of business due to this, Tommy went back to his old ways - Getting his hands on guns, he was now a force not to be reckoned with. Tommy was giving orders to his people to go and hit neighboring gang compounds, all out war. Bullets flying everywhere, people dying - this brought a lot of heat to the local area which in turn made his name get out there, although no one knew his origin story as he kept this on the downlow.

Tommy eventually got back into his old ways, running havoc from what seemed like above he knew he had to take a step back and stop with all the heat. He took a few years off and handed the businesses down to his main manny sammy. Unfortunately, Sammy did not have the exeprience needed to maintain this critical role and was eventually murdered by a rival gang. Tommy did not take this lightly and fell into the pits of hell like when his wife got murdered. Tommy sought revenge, made it sweet.

He had all the knowledge he needed to target this gangs, not only their gangs but their families. For weeks there was massacre on the streets, people being murdered in cold blood. Houses being broken into, families, even children being dragged into the manslaughter.

Tommy and his people were murdering folks on the masses, eventually to the point there was little other gang activity in the area. He then started to dominate the area with the drugs again.


All great things must come to a halt. With the recent months of massacre going on, the police were investigating this "group" of which Tommys picture and name came up on multiple occasions.Tommy had eyes in the skies, with deep connections in the Police he was able to get notified of things that shouldn't have been public knowledge. Often dodging raids, they were lead to burn some of their compounds down to eliminate all evidence linking back to him and his group. This lost a lot of money in itself and Tommy had to find ways to fix this.

Buying multiple properties all over the mainland, his assetts were spread - Best thing about it, none of it was linked to him or under his name. This however, did not stop the investigation into Tommy.
There was one case in specific of which Tommys DNA was found for a murder case, the police had solid evidence that it was him behind it. With this being one of the very few cases linked to him, the Police thought they had bigger fish to fry. With tommy knowing virtually everything in the area, Tommy had to rake the risk of "ratting" out others. Some of his people got locked up in the process but Tommy made it very transparent with his people that they would be compensated heavily if they got dragged into things. Often giving large amounts of money to them/their families as well as heavy protection in prison.

Tommys main focus was eliminating the competition, giving up names and areas of known rival gangs - This was an easy way to get them out of the way. He took this risk and it was paying off as his name was being cleared and due to his rivals being taken out of the way, he was able to make more money than ever and less issues.

Tommy now expanding his empire to America, he is beginning from the ground up. Having some key personnel around him, they are gaining contacts and figuring things out as it's not exactly as it was in London.



Caring (for his own people)
Tough minded


Lowkey - Any criminal activities tend to be as discrete as possible.
Professional - Any interactions with others are held to a high standard at all times.
Big brain - Has read the rules many times.

Past occupation: Security - Free lance security for events. This is / will probably be tommy's lead again in this city.
1) Setting up relevant scenes
2) Organization of staff - positions/briefing
3) Locking down areas, discretely and professionally
4) Stop and search before entry
5) Enforcing strict no-messing around policies
6) Pre-authorization for events with police department

Tommy is built around trust, loyalty & respect. He has a no bullshit policy when someone is fooling around hence why his lead at security is impeccable. Tommy has a few family members also trying to move to this city in due time so it'll be even better when he has his main people around him.

Most of Tommy's RP is related to criminal activity and will probably always be that way. Tommy has aspirations to  be very rich and successful and will do anything to ensure that becomes a reality.

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