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Server/RP Improvements

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After playing on the server for roughly a week I've noticed that you always seem to do the same thing over and over again, it's like a pattern you follow rob,work,rob,work. It is not really appealing to me and probably a lot of other people who play on here. I'm posting a couple of additions below that i think would improve the server a lot.

- Add more interiors to most of the buildings ( I feel like the properties you can own are very limited which makes the world not feel so alive, adding more of this would probably increase the role-play)

- Revamp jobs, add levels/skills so you can become better at your job overtime and earn a higher salary?

- Bank robberies ( You can purchase a drill somewhere and rob small banks spread out across the map but at a high risk?)

- Crafting system for guns and other items? it should be hard to obtain a firearm.

- More legal player-owned factions?

This was all the things that crossed my mind, let me know below if there's something you would like to add.


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