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Unbanning people who leak revealing photos

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The title speaks for itself. Since staff removed my original post and then admitted that what I said was true, I'd like to place a rule suggestion that doxxing and sending revealing pics of other players without consent should have a ZERO tolerance policy. I think this is a no brainer and an amendment should be made to the rules to compensate for this. Can't believe it even has to be a rule suggestion but yeah. Eclipse should not allow players to doxx each other with revealing photos and then unban them. 

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If you have information about someone who has been unbanned after they had doxxed another player, especially with photos as you claim, please contact a member of Senior Staff with the proper evidence etcetera, so that it can be reevaluated. We aim not to welcome back those who perform actions such as the one you are alleging in your post, as cyber threats/attacks are currently listed under our Disrupting Server Operations rule (highlighted in green below). 

Do take note that human errors can occur and individuals can sometimes be let back when certain details from months/years back are missing/forgotten about. Such cases have thus far resulted in re-bans. 

I will go ahead and lock and archive this, it does not suggest we handle something differently than we already try to do. 

5. Disrupting Server Operations and Knowledge of Rule Breaches

Disrupting Server Operations

Disrupting Server Operations is a broad term used for several rules that affect the general operation of the community, its staff, and players. 

Players are expected to always strive to be positive community members who remain respectful to everyone at all times. With positivity, we mean that players should strive to adhere to rules, strive to become better roleplayers, strive to help others, and not maliciously go out of their way to ruin somebody's experience in the community, whether it's a staff member or player. 

Eclipse Roleplay does not condone any form of Out of Character intimidation to keep players from playing on our server through e.g., OOC harassment or through other means with the focus of making one's experience poor.  

Players are not allowed to:

  • Directly or knowingly involve themselves in situations where doxxing (leak of personal information) or harassment is occurring of community members/staff. 
  • Directly or knowingly involve themselves in situations where cyber threats such as DDoS of ECRP Platforms and/or community members/staff and account thefts are occurring
  • Directly or knowingly involve themselves in situations where cheats or malicious media content is being distributed.
  • Directly or knowingly involve themselves in situations where severe rule breaks such as Mass Deathmatching, Mass Metagaming, Cheating, etc, are occurring.

Failure to Report Rule breaks

Players are expected to report severe rule breaks that they witness and/or have information of, failing to do so may make them complicit in the rule breaks. 

Eclipse Roleplay is not out to ruin friendships; however, players have a choice on what they involve themselves in and a choice of what information they withhold, but that choice may also have consequences.

Players are expected to report severe rule breaks such as:

  • Cheating
  • Ban Evading
  • Mass Metagaming/DM
  • Harassment of Community Members/Staff
  • Cyber-threats/attacks
  • And other malicious and intentional rule breaks that are normally planned in e.g., private chats. 

Both Disrupting Server Operations and Failure to Report Rule Breaks involve a lot of common sense, if a player deems a situation to be bad, it'd be in their best interest to potentially involve staff than ignore it. Having e.g., knowledge of a potential staff security issue should be reported and not ignored. 

PzJWQVX.png Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to a permanent ban. These situations are not black and white and there is often a lengthy staff investigation into them. The severity of the punishment will primarily revolve around the context and severity of the situation, the occurrences, and other factors will be taken into account such as the individual's standing in the community and so forth. 
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