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My parents from Kenya

My parents came from the former colonies of Kenya in 1964. My father and mother where forced to work at the estate of Evelyn Baring.  
My mother as a servant in the house and my father as a groundskeeper. 
The Brits had given my parents new names, because they refused to make an afford to pronounce or remember their native names.
They where called Margret and David. They where well fed, clothes on their back and had a bed to sleep to sleep in.
They where the lucky ones. They both lost their families to the Brits in their quest to dominate in Kenya.

My parents had to flee Kenya with the Brits because they where seen as traitors, because they worked at the mansion of the governor.
When they arrived they in the UK, they where asked their names. "Margret and David" said my father. The customs officer asked for their surname.
An officer from the mansion jokingly mentioned "He is just a bandit we plucked from the jungle. "Margret and David Bandit, it will be" noted the customs officer.

Growing up in the UK.

They where settled in East End London. Small flat, luckily a small second bedroom and own bathroom. 
That was the year (1964) I was born. He named me Stonie. "I want you to grow up hard, like a stone" he would always explain to me.
Since 1976, I would always think; "why couldn't you have called me Rocky".

Needles to say, I had to learn how to stand up for my self at a young age. My father did work for the Crisp Brothers in London. He thought me how to survive in this new loud world.
He sent me to boarding school to get an education and in the summer I would wash the cars for all the colleagues and the bosses of my father. 
And the bigger the boss the bigger the pay. I remember getting 100 pound note for washing Archie's car.

After a car bombing my parents left me in boarding school, while they moved to Thailand to serve Albert Crisp. 
They still live there, while Albert passed away in his sleep in 1976.

Learning the business 

I spent my summers in Denver UK with their good friend Archie. Turned out he paid for my education. First my boarding school then he sent me to London Business School.
Despite Archie was not in London, he still had a firm grip on all worthwhile illegal activities. People payed him a lot of respect. 
Every first Sunday of the month, all the bosses came to Denver to his estate and gave him a cut of their operations.
They brought him millions, every month. 

He told me always be respectful to the people that help you and more important demand respect from the people that you help.
You can loose respect, but if you maintain it properly, people will respect you for life. And that is what you see every month here.

Success in the US.

In 1988, when I was 22, Archie sent me to Vice City. See if I could put my education to good use. I set up a pipeline from South America through Vice City to London.
I was very successful, everything was so easy comparing to these days. 
With the amount of cash I had coming in I started some local ventures, like money lending, real estate and importin and exporting high end cars.
There was a huge war going on between the Chinese and the Mob. They where so busy fighting, they never noticed me moving freighters full of product.

25 years without parole 

In 1996 everything came to an end. I did everything Archie told me. I was good for the people that made me the money. 
They got rich, because I became rich. It was my "hands on" attitude that got me convicted. 
When I just started, the first buy went wrong. Lost my cash and two men when I got ripped off. 
To show the proper respect to my men, who gracefully helped me and saved my life. I planned pay back. 
Not only got my drugs, I got my money back and kidnapped 6 members of the lost. I demanded an apology and the name of their contact.
I have tortured each and one of them and killed one slowly every day. After 4 days they delivered. 
2 Lost members returned, both will never ride a bike ever again, since they both miss their left foot.

DNA got me convicted of 6 murders, because I berried the feet with the others. I got sentenced 25 years maximum security. 
Was denied parole and got a year added because of some matter of self defense.

So now I am here, I have nothing to my name. A new world, I still feel like 20 years old, the future is bright.

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