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Derek Paterson

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Past life:

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Derek never had a real easy life.
His parent were strict, they didn't allow him to do a lot more than homework and clean the house.
That was though, until Derek turned 18.

He bought a car, a black coupe with some pop-up headlights. A v12 under the hood powered the vehicle.
Before he knew it, some easy races were done on the road. His parents found out and were furious.

After his parents punished him by locking him up in his room, Derek started working for an IT company.
Little did his parents know he had a secret second job in the local tuning shop.

Friends he made, were all just to use him. He fixed their cars for free.


But then, things changed.


The current:

Derek bought a one-way ticket to the U.S. to start his new life.
Friends never decided to contact him, family thought he went mental and dropped him as a part.

Derek, being the lone ranger he's always been couldn't care less and looks forward to the future.
A new future where he can start his life from scratch, be the one he wants to be.

Soon, Derek will arrive in the city and his new life will start.

His plans:

-Find a stable job.
-Find a good place to live.
-Find good and real friends.
-Enjoy life.

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