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Ren Zhao

My character backstory

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My character goes by the name Ren Remus Zhao, Ren was born in South Korea originally but at 2 years old him and his family moved to liberty city. At age 5 Ren's dad died in a traffic accident Ren was in the back seat 'distracting' him and he wasn't paying attention and hit a garbage truck. Ren's mother started abusing him because she blamed him for his fathers death, because of this abuse Ren gained a disorder known as dissociative identity disorder (DID) for short. As Ren grew older his mother abuse continued along with him being bullied for his disorder at school, which as a result of that he gained even more personalities. When Ren reached his senior year in high school his still was dealing with abuse, but he decided one Friday night that he wasn't going to deal with it anymore he found a person that was selling illegal fire arms and Ren purchased one. After the gun was purchased Ren was full of rage and confusion and what Ren did next shocked so many people. Ren drove back to his house went into the kitchen were his mom was and shot her right in the back of the head, after Ren shot his mom he ran back to his car and started heading west. Ren's neighbors are the only ones that saw Ren commit this crime and they still wonder if it was Ren himself that shot his own mother or if it was one of his more 'dangerous' sides. 3 years later and now Ren lives in Los Santos by himself well besides his personalities of course, everyday since he killed his mother he hasn't thought of anything else, but he want's to get out and make some friends and just do something whether it's illegal or not. But Ren's other personalities don't think it's such a good idea because they know what they have been through. 

Ren is 5'11 and weighs around 180 pounds and he has a very medium build he is of Korean nationality and has brown eyes and long-ish black hair. As stated Ren has other personalities 3 more in fact not including Ren himself, those being Ralph, Jet, and Stacey. Ren himself is very shy and anxious and says things a lot that can get him in bad trouble. Ralph is very intelligent and logical he thinks things through and makes sure plans will always work. Stacey is the more maternal side of Ren she helps and takes care of others and makes sure everyone is always happy and never hungry. And then there's Jet, Jet is the side of Ren that is as some might call the scariest mainly because Jet is the side of Ren that is full of rage and pain and murders people no matter who they are, even if there family. 

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