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When I launch RAGE MP everything goes smoothly but it gets stuck infinitely on "loading rage multiplayer"

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Yesterday it was my first day in rage MP everything went well. Then when I was getting my driving license on a server it lagged out so I alt+f4 ed it. After that I was unable to join rage mp. the issue was that it could not launch easy anti cheat and with some help online I managed to fix that issue that led me to be able to launch rage mp on a bigger screen but it gets stuck on "loading rage multiplayer" and after a couple of minutes sometimes even the loading bar on the right bottom disappears, sometimes it stays there loading for 7 hours and once or twice on the left side it wrote in white letters, connected to multiplayer but nothing was happening. Can you help me please?

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Hi! I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues launching the game! Here are some things to try if you haven’t already:

1) make sure you close any apps you are not using in the task manager. 

2) make sure the client you use for gta 5 (steam/epic games) as well as discord is open already, then launch Rage. 

3) open the normal GTA 5, change the settings to windowed borderless. Then try launching Rage again. 

if this these don’t work, I suggest deleting the client resource folder in your RageMP folder, then open it again to let it download the server assets again.  Good luck!

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