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Matty Haveck

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Never really knowing his place in the world he grew up in Matty, at 29 years old, gave up all his worldly possessions and the lavish life that his parents had established for him. Through him his life was planned out and he was expected to fall in line with what his father has set up for him to do. Inspired by Christopher McCandless' journey, Matty knew that he had to take back his life. In March 2017 Matty had destroyed his credit cards, and left his home with what can fit in his backpack and set out for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Traveling throughout the year and a half Matty has seen most of the country, traveling by train or bus (or sometimes even hitch hiking) to destinations without a plan in mind when he gets there. Upon stepping off the bus in Los Santos something felt different, it didn't feel like a passing adventure like so many of the other cities he had been to before were, this is someplace that he saw himself making a new home. 

That's where Matty finds himself now, New to the city without a possession or home, all that's known is that he will make it here... And someday he might share more of the stories he has in the Weazel as he has high hopes of becoming a writer.

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