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Add XP/Perks to Jobs -- Hinder the Inequality (skill based jobs)

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Hello, I've only recently joined the community and have been having a great time immersing myself in Eclipse's LS. One of the things which I've found to be very restricting is the difficulty of obtaining a moderate income. That is an income that can allow me to actually focus on RPing with the community, than driving a truck up and down the highway for multiple hours. I do understand the prospect of roleplaying whilst working, however, I really enjoy fishing, and to be frank there's little to it whereas any fisherman would tell you that it can be very exciting. Another example is the repetitive jobs we must uptake, with a stagnant wage. That being said, I understand raising wages can permit many problems, and I don't expect that to be changed directly.

My humble suggestion is the following: 

Implement a leveling system in skills that consist of world/nature interaction. (or all of them) 

The idea is that as you continue to work in certain fields and accumulate experience, one's character should become more efficient in whatever that skill is, as one would in real life. This can be mirrored with the use of skills and perks. 

* This will bolster the number of players hunting in the woods, fishing together, and mining. 

*Advancing in these skills can have some perks like increasing the rate of rare animal skin, or faster at mining. 

I have spoken with others in the community and the opposing consensus, understandably is that we don't want everyone skilling in a corner of the map. I understand that, but this can be built upon with events. E.g: News Broadcast: "A new earth metal has been located in our very own LS. It's been spotted at location X" Same can apply for fishing/hunting events. 

I suggest we minimize the locations of these skills so that the community can stay closer together. Additionally, and much more importantly, there is massive stratification in the world. Adding something like this can minimize the wealth gap in the community, just enough so that new players such as myself can afford a sandwich from the deli 😀 ($600 is half a paycheck from construction). 

I would really love to hear other perspectives and thoughts! Thanks for reading! 

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