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ECRP Commands List

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Commands List

Updated: 16th June 2022



Roleplay Commands

/me [description] Roleplay command used to describe actions your character performs. (Ex. /me tries to slap a pair of handcuffs around the wrists of Tony Henge. /me tries to move his arms away from the officer, to bring them to his front.)
/do [description] Roleplay command used to accurately, and truthfully describe an active roleplay scenario. (Ex. /do A strong scent of marijuana would come from the vehicle. /do The CCTV feed would show so and so breaking into the car.)
/my [description] Roleplay command used the same way as /me, but adds a ‘s after your character name. (Ex. /my phone rings, /my watch is gold, /my left index finger would be sticking upwards, indicating it's broken.)
/ame [description] Same as /me, but does not appear in chat but rather above your head.
/amy [description] Same as /my, but does not appear in chat but rather above your head.
/melow [description] Same as /me, but only appears in chat for those in closer proximity to your character.
/dolow [description] Same as /do, but only appears in chat for those in closer proximity to your character.
/Ldo [receiver] [description] Long range /do used to RP further information when an individual is not in the immediate area.
/fdo [text] Creates a floating /do.
/removefdo [id] Remove the floating /do that you have placed.
/listfdo List all of the floating /dos you have placed.



General Commands


` or @ Display scoreboard (Country Dependent Button)
Press F2 Toggle cursor on and off.
Press F4 Toggle the factions menu on and off.
/help or F5 Toggle help menu.
/cstore or F6 Toggle credit store.
Press F7 Toggle the U.I on your screen on and off.
Press F8 Capture a screenshot (screenshots saved to RageMP directory.)
Press CTRL + X Toggle the context menu.
Press I Access your inventory, vehicle inventory, or furniture inventory.
Press CTRL + 0 Toggle animation.
Press CTRL + 1 Hands Up animation.
Press CTRL + 2 Pointing finger.
Press CTRL + 3 Facepalm.
Press CTRL + 4 Salute.
Press CTRL + 5 Thumbs up.
Press CTRL + 6 Dance.
Hold B Points in direction of cursor while holding.
Press C Crouch
Press Q Go to cover.
/anim [1-12] Displays list of available animations.
/anim [anim type] Performs a selected animation.
/duoAnim [ID] [anim type] Offers another player to do an animation with your character. (/duoAnim will give you available duo animations)
/acceptAnim [ID] Accepts an animation offered from another player.
/stopAnim Stops current animation.
/mood [mood type] Changes your characters mood
/report [1-4] Requests assistance from a staff member.
/rm Send a message to the staff member who accepted your report.
/cancelReport Cancels your in game report.
/stats Check your current stats.
/salary Check the amount of on duty hours since last paycheck // displays base income.
/pm [ID] [message] Send personal OOC message to someone.
/vpm [ID] [message] Sends a free personal text to another player using the VIP system. [VIP ONLY]
/vip Displays VIP membership expiration status. [VIP ONLY]
/license [ID] Check your current licenses. Leaving ID blank shows you your own licenses.
/pay [ID] [amount] Give another player money. (alt: /pay)
/ncz Displays whether or not you're in an NCZ and what parts of the rule apply at your location.
/payTicket [ticket ID] Pay a ticket. Must be at police desk, or near officer with RP. Leave blank to show list of tickets.
/alias [ID] [name] Give someone an alias.
/policeDesk Access the police menu at a law enforcement station.
/pet [pet number] Spawn/despawn your pet. No number will show the list of pets.
/petname [pet number] Names the select pet. (Bugged currently)
/petfollow [ID] Makes your current pet follow a specific player.
/feed Feed your pet food
/payToll Pays a toll
/analyseWounds [ID] Analyzes a players wounds.
/myWounds Analyzes your wounds.
/checkParkingPay Check a vehicle for a parking pay pass
/mechanic [message] Request a mechanic from the Los Santos Mechanic Services.
/newsAgency [message] Request a Weazel News employee.
/acceptOffer Approves a Weazel News advertisement.
/removeOrderedBlip Turns ordered blip from Weazel News invisible.
/mechAccept Accepts a mechanics offer.
/setGPS [House #] [Street] Sets a way point to an address. This will be the UI show at the door.
/myLoans View loans you have taken from finance companies.
/payLoans [amount] This will pay the amount you specify towards your loans with the loan company.
/buzzOffice [message] Send a message to the owner of the loan company.
/carryBody Pick up an injured player. (Also used to remove injured player from trunk)
/dropBody Drop an injured player.
/storeBody Put injured player in trunk. (Must be open and correct vehicle type)
/leaveTrunk Exit a trunk.
/follow [ID] Start following someone.
/unfollow (or K while following) Stop following someone.
/jtime Displays current jail time.
/time Displays the server time (UTC).
/hidehud (true/false) Same as F7 but doesn't hide chat.
/logout Log off your character to the authentication menu.
F11 Open Rage Console


Voice, Radio, Phone, & Speaker Commands


Press N Talk out loud via voip.
Press M Talk over the radio via VOIP.
Press P Talk over the phone via VOIP.
Press CTRL + Z Change between whisper, normal, or shouting voice proximity. Check the bottom lft to see your current voice mode.
/w [ID] [message] Whisper (text)
/cw [message] Whisper to all individuals in the vehicle at once.
/low [message] Speak quietly.
/s [message] Shout (text).
/doorShout [message] Shout through a front door (text).
/r [message] Talk on your radio.
/rlow [message] Talk over your radio quietly
/radioFreq [number] Change radio frequency.
/myFreq View the radio frequency you're currently on
/bindRadio [0-9] [frequency] Bind a radio frequency to a hotkey.
/phone Turns your phone on/off.
/record Enables recording animation for your character.
/delPhone Destroy your phone (permanent choice.)
/charge Charge your phone. (Must have plugged a charger in your home or vehicle via Inventory Menu (Press I))
/speakerPhone Enables speakerphone while in a phone call. Only shows when other person types.
/vr [1-3] Resyncs in game VOIP. (1, 2, or 3). Referred to IC as a cough drop.
/vol [type] [0-100] Changes volume level of Proximity, Radio, Phone, or Speaker.
/speakerURL [ID] Set station playing through speaker.
/speakerVolume [ID] [0-100] 100] Increase/Decrease speaker volume.
/atc Contact air traffic control. Must be in a helicopter.


World Interaction Menus


Scroll wheel to change option & Press E to select the option 3YvzANa.png
Hold G

Opens up the UI to allow you to select a seat in the car.



Scripted Job Commands


/returnVehicle Return your work vehicle at the job headquarters.
/quitJob Resign from your job (you must return your work vehicle first.)
[TRUCKER]: Press Y Open Trucker user interface.
[TRUCKER]: /cb [message] Truckers radio (text)
[TRUCKER]: /togglecb Turn on/off truckers radio.
[GARBAGE]: /unload Unload collected garbage
[MAIL DELIVERY]: /pickupMail Pick up your orders package
[MAIL DELIVERY]: /deliverMail Delivers mail to an address
[TOLLS]: /togglebooth Raise/Lower toll barrier
[BUS DRIVER]: /cancelRoute Cancel your bus route
[HUNTING]: /gut Obtain dead animals meat. Requires knife equipped in hand.
[CORONER]: /bagbody Places a nearby body into a body bag (must be near work vehicle)
[CORONER]: /storebodybag Places a held body bag into your nearby work vehicle
[CORONER]: /corr [Call Number] Accept a coroner call
[CORONER] /coronerrequests Shows the current list of coroner requests.
[TACO] /ChangeTacoPrice [Price]

Changes the price that you sell your tacos.


Food & Drink Commands

Press E Eat or drink your current item.
/stopDrinking Stop drinking your drink, throwing it away.
/stopEating Stop eating your food, throwing it away.
/buyTaco Purchase taco from taco truck


Vehicle Commands


Press K Lock/unlock the nearest vehicle.
Press L Toggle cruise control.
Press I Open the vehicle inventory menu.
Press/Hold G Enter vehicle as passenger
Press Arrow Left/Arrow Right Vehicle indicators.
Press Arrow Up/Arrow Down Engine control.
/showVehicles Show your vehicles locations (If vehicle is in motion, it will not be visible)
/vehicleStats Provides information on all owned vehicles.
/cruise [speed] Change maximum speed.
/modview Vehicle modification selection and preview.
/giveKey [ID] Give a temporary vehicle key to a player.
/giveKey [ID] [true] Give a perm vehicle key to a player. Adding true at the end makes it a permanent key.
/removeKey [ID] Removes a vehicle key from someone you previously gave a key to.
/removeallkeys Removes all players access to current vehicle.
/sellVehicle [price] Put your vehicle up for sale at a car market.
/buyVehicle Purchase a vehicle from a car market
/cw Whisper to everyone inside of the vehicle you're inside of.
/neons Enables neon lights under your vehicle (if capable).
/xenons Toggles xenons.
/vehsellback Removes your vehicle from the car market.
/toggleAutoLock Enable/disable automatic locking for vehicles. [VIP ONLY]
/autoLock [1-10] Set a delay for automatic locking in seconds. [VIP ONLY]
/eject [ID] Throws a player from the vehicle.
/transferVehicle [ID] [PLATE] Transfer ownership of a vehicle (Beware of RWT)
/AcceptTransfer [PLATE] Accepts transfer of a vehicle.
/carurl Play music through a car speaker (May need to be done twice as its quite buggy)
/dropanchor Drops the anchor while in a boat.
/raiseanchor Raises the boat's anchor after it has been dropped.


Criminal Commands


/grabCash Starts robbing a general store (Requires 2+ players.)
/stopGrabCash Cancel a general store robbery.
/flick Throw away your marijuana blunt.
/frisk [ID] Sends a request to search someone's inventory.
/friskApprove [ID] Accept the frisk request.
/takeBattery [ID] Take someone's phone battery (They must have their hands up)
/cutHair [ID] Cut off someone’s hair (Requires a knife and they must have their hands up)
/ringPrison Call a prison guard in prison.
/exchangeStamps [Amount of stamps] Exchanges stamps for time.
J With screwdriver or hotwire kit equipped it allows you to hotwire a vehicle.


General Faction Commands


/fmute Mutes faction chat.
/fmembers [0-1] Displays faction members that are online.
/f [0-1] [message] Send a message to all players online within your faction. /fspawn [vehicle] Spawn a work vehicle
/badge Shows your government badge.
/(show)badge [ID] Show your government badge to another player.
Ctrl D Toggles on or off duty at the faction lockers.
/fl or /factionloadout Open up the faction's locker UI,


Property & House Commands


/buyProperty Purchase a property.
/sellProperty TRUE [price] List a business property for sale.
/addPropertyPermission [ID] AccessProperty Lock/Unlock doors.
/addPropertyPermission [ID] BuildProperty Add player placed furniture to properties.
/addPropertyPermission [ID] ManageProperty Gives all permissions
/addPropertyPermission [ID] AccessVending Gives access to manage vending machines.
/listPropertyPermissions Lists all given permissions
/checkMail Checks mailbox (Must be inside and at front door)
/buywarehouse buys the warehouse for the listed price at the door
/sellwarehouse [true/false] [Price] Sell a warehouse (true) for the stated price | or buy it back (false) for the stated price
/setinteriorweather [0-14] Change the weather of a property
/setinteriortime [0-24] Change the time of a property.
/showHouses Show your houses on the map for a short period of time | Cost: $500
/checkMail Checks mailbox (Must be inside and at front door)


Furniture Placement & Movement



Ctrl X then right click edit Edits furniture. (Note: Doesn't work well with some objects such as glass)
Enter Place the furniture.
Backspace Cancel placement
R Resets where the furniture is
G Opens grid mode. Multiple presses changes the size.
Up arrow Increases placment speed
Down Arrow Decreases placement speed
Right/Left Arrow Toggles mode (Position, Rotation, Relative)
F2 Bring up mouse so you can drag the X,Y or Z to move the furniture
P Place furniture on the floor.
/removeFurniture Removes the closest piece of player placed furniture near you.
/accessDoorType [0-2] Customize who can use the door. 0 : accessible by owner/faction. 1 : accessible by code. 2: accessible by payment.


Blood Commands


/SetVolumeBloodFX Changes the volume of the blood effect.
/SetHueBloodFX Allows you to change color of the blood effect.
/SetBrightnessBloodFX Changes the brightness of the blood.
/SetGrayscaleBloodFX Allows you to make the blood black and white.
/ToggleBloodFX Turns off the blood
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