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Hello everybody

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Hi there everyone!

My name is Daniel_Richards or Daniel_Bradley (IC). I just started on the Eclipse Roleplay server and wanted to introduce myself. I'm 20 years of (IRL) and live in the Netherlands, I spend about 2 to 5 hours a day on my PC and I am planning to spend most of the time on the Eclipse RP server, so if you wanna hang out with someone then try getting into contact with Daniel_Bradley.

When I was in middle school I played on several RP servers on SA:MP with friends and thus I can say that I'm an experienced roleplayer. So if you are looking for some roleplaying scenarios then again find Daniel_Bradley, don't try to kick his ass though. I heard he got arrested 4 times and been in jail for 6 months at the age of 17, so beware.

Have fun roleplaying,


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