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Hello! It's awesome to be here!

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Hello! It's really great to find another community of RPers that enjoy having fun! I'm probably a strange case, but I came here with no knowledge of GTA since I haven't played any of these games, but I do love RP. I have RP'd in a lot of different communities over the years, and I'm looking to have fun roleplaying in this one!

I used to be a teacher, but these days I work remote and I am looking forward to finding a new community to interact with. I got my degree in Creative Writing, which lead me to teach Literature for the last five years. Now, I just want to write for fun and enjoy roleplaying as it has always brought me a lot of joy whether it was a DnD table, a written forum, or some kind of new venture like this one. I have a few ideas for where I want to go with a character, and I look forward to interacting with all of you! 

Feel free to walk up to me and interact if you see me in game! I'm gregarious in every game I play.

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