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Zack Taylor

Not understanding the approval process for the server.

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So I'm not getting the approval process for this server, it's asking me to explain what something does and I did with what I wrote. And the response is please revise and explain what it does. If I explained what it does how am I suppose to revise and explain what it does? do I just explain it differently? And 2nd, the first time I tried to get approval and I didn't. What they wrote for reference is please revise such question. Why didn't you just tell me all the questions I need to revise the first time? It doesn't make sense. is there a group of people who revise these things and don't agree with what is acceptable or not? So they switch what question is correct or not? Because the first time it told me to revise one question and I did, then the 2nd time I submitted for approval it asked me to revise a question before the original one they asked me to revise. So it feels like one admin said this question is correct then the other one went back and revised and said the new answer you wrote for this question is correct, but now the one before it I don't agree with the other admin who said it was correct so now it's not correct.

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