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Civilian DJ Job OR PreLoaded Radio Stations

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While I understand that you probably took down the rockstar created radio stations due to worries about copyright protections having to have a list of youtube url's can be a bit tedious. Would there be a way to create themed stations and preload them with verified working youtube url's?

Even better this may be an opportunity! Would it be possible to give a player character control over a radio station? This could create some really fantastic rp opportunities with weazel news and ads for in game businesses and events. They would of course need to be vetted for content/behavior like any other major civ faction.

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I spoke to some folks about this in the discord. If the technical limitations are too challenging this could be handled with a dedicated radio frequency or a discord channel. The only challenge is filling in dark down time. If people frequently tune into dead airwaves it'll die off quickly. I would suggest a player faction would be the best resolution that way players can set up staff, schedules, and pay to ensure a variety of content and programming.

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