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Trash Collector Freelance Job Crew Suggestion

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Recently, a friend and I did the trash collector job and wanted to co-op the operation of trash collecting like a real crew of trash collectors would do. However, we were disappointed that to find out that we couldn't really cooperatively do the job together outside of one guy picking up the trash and the other driving and whoever took out the truck would make the money at the end.

For example, when my friend took out the truck, even though both of us were trash collectors, I could not pick up the trash bags. I was only able to drive the truck. He was able to pick up the trash. I would love to be able to increase cooperative play on this job to allow players to function as a trash collecting crew. Perhaps this would require changing some game logic since right now the money is given to the player who drives it to the dump. Totally up for suggestions here but I feel like being able to function better cooperatively would help increase RP as a real-life trash collecting crew can do.


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