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Increasing abilities

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Hello and thank you for reading this report.

A feature which I have seen in some locations which would be absolutely incredible and help with the immersion of the game would be being able to increase your abilities, such as punch power, stamina, etc. No, this is not like some token system of where you earn tokens through levelling up but instead you can actually scriptly workout instead of just doing an animation, and it actually effects you. Whilst the effects doesn't have to be visual, it can just be script wise. So lets say I do a lot of working out on the upper body than my punch is slightly stronger than usual, If I do a lot of running my stamina will decrease slower, If I do a lot of swimming I can swim quicker, If I do a lot of shooting my recoil would be decreased due to practice. Obviously there would need to be maximum amount of bonus that you can have by doing certain things, i.e if you do a huge amount of working out you don't become superman and punch someone to the moon, but It gives a slight edge in certain situations and It helps the roleplay be far greater reaching new limits as than there could be script gyms people could go to. This affects everyone and I do not see a con to this being implemented.



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