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Hello, i would like to start with the fact that i am a new player (1 month or so in the server) i also invited a lot of friends to the server, we enjoyed the server for a long time until we started doing crime and seeing over 10 police cruisers, bikes, helicopters and such, about 2 days ago me and some friends were gettin arrested and over i think 8-10 police cruisers showed up, i wanted to RP with it but we got told by a female police officer: are you fucking retarded put your hands down. That was said because my friend had issues and couldn't move [lag] and he even said that he has issues in OOC, then i got told that i will be given 3 seconds to put my hands up and i got tazed instantly, which then we got put into cruisers and we waited over an hour for our charges which were not even told. And today i got caught stealing an ATM i tried to RP my way talk to the officers and i got told to shut the fuck up no one cares, which makes it so unfun to even RP. I think that police officers should have a rule. How many police officers can respond to a call and such, of course depending on the situation, i enjoy this server but i am the only one from my group of friends who is still playing because of the harassment of the police, i would like to also say that every person who i spoke with says that the city is very unfun now cause of the police, i think there were much more people over the years ''crying'' as the guy who told me to shut the fuck up would say, i think there needs to be done something.

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