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Arcade machines (That work)

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I recently bought an arcade building. I would like to suggest that there be working arcade games implemented, such as cubed etc GTA arcade games. I would like to put them in my arcade to have a safe spot where people can go and hang out, play a few games and have a good time with their buddies. I understand this may not be possible, however if we could get these I feel it will enhance the RP at the arcade. I can find other creative ways to have a good time there, but its an arcade and should have arcade machines in working order. Please think this over and lets have some fun! 

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I think this would be something that could make the Stay in ECRP a little better, Having other things to do other then crime and work there is not much legal activities you can really do and if Arcade machines and mini games where possible to be added then this could be something that would make a time to play, I believe this is possible as im sure you could play arcade games on GTA, Not 100% but yeah.


i think this is a great idea overall

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