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Martin James

Hostage/Kidnap Rules

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So yesterday our faction decided we where going to rob route 68 bank, we gathered our members and got some others from another faction to help us with the job.

We wanted good RP more than anything else, so decided a hostage situation would best fit this time, after we discussed plans thoroughly at our HQ, we set out to find a potential hostage (one which would give us the most amount of leverage in negotiations)

On Joshua RD we noticed an SD vehicle parked on his own, we scouted the area for 10 mins, and quickly swooped in when it was safe to get him in our vehicle and take him to the bank.

The situation was almost instantly voided when the member of SD reported the situation to admins.

What I struggle to understand is, the situation was voided because we needed specific escalation with the individual in order to take him hostage for the planned job.

Now I can totally understand the need for escalation for a kidnapping with another criminal organisation member , especially if it would result in that person taking a financial loss for example, but I feel the situation is completely different.

To me, it doesnt make sense that we would need to specifically  escalate a situation on a personal level with a member of PD/SD in order to use them as leverage for a bank job. (especially if they dont lose anything and would have ultimately been part of a really fun RP experience) 

The rules have changed with regard to kidnapping PD/SD, to restrict that to once per week, which I totally agree with, if that is gonna happen on a daily basis then it just become unrealistic, so its not like we are doing this on a daily or even weekly basis.

My point is realistically their would be no reason for prior escalation to take a hostage for a bank job and therefor think the "kidnapping" rule doesnt really apply in this specific situation.

Would love to know anyone's thoughts or explanations on the situation.


Much Love,








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The kidnapping rule was altered to allow for more fluent roleplay scenarios between individuals so that a proper escalation between parties isn't hindered by the rules. You are not meant to kidnap random people and BRING them to a property that you wish to rob, there is a clear subrule under rule 15 that reads:


If you attempt to commit robbery of a property, you are allowed to hold the players within that property until you have finished the robbery. An NPC is not a valid hostage.

This does not mean that you can bring a random individual to the property because, in order to kidnap anyone on the server, you need to adhere to:


Players are allowed to kidnap or to take other players hostage within the context of reasonable escalation. Your escalation and reason behind the kidnapping should be able to be easily documented and explained if required by server staff. If your intention is to harm another player (e.g. injuring or killing them), then you need to refer to our DM rules. The situation can of course naturally develop into one where the player gets harmed. 

We have no intention at this moment to further alter this rule, we think it's reasonable to require RP escalation between parties for someone to be kidnapped - it was very restricted before and required DM rights, but we eliminated that.

Again, I stress that you can naturally hold hostages in a property that you intend to rob, but not bring random people to it. 

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