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Infinite loading screen

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Hey guys, I've got this issue and I didn't find anything that helps..So I open RageMP and press to join the server. The game will start into the loading screen. After a few seconds the loading screen would change to black with the background loading screen music. I've been waiting like 30-40 minutes and nothing happened. I really tried everything:

I tried: - opening everything as an admin

           - reinstall ragemp

           - reinstall GTA V

           - verify integrity files on steam

           - turned off Windows Defender

           - changed some settings in Windows Firewall

           - rockstar launcher, steam, ragemp open at the same time

I do not have any mods installed and just starting the game on steam it works perfectly fine Singleplayer and Online.

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Try this:


This will usually happen when there's a program on your computer causing RAGE:MP to crash (programs that try inject into the RAGE:MP process) which for the most part is overlays(things that overlay over your game like Discord overlay). To quickly find out, close all background processes you possibly can on your PC and try to run RAGE:MP again, if it works, it means you had a program running that's causing RAGE:MP to crash. A list of common programs will be listed below.


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