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Meet Olive (Ollie) Pitts!

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Ollie Pitts was born on October 13, 1999 in Austin, Tx to Sherry and Arnold (Arn) Pitts. From a young age, she was always shy and reserved around new people and places. She completed High School and opting out of a college experience, she embarked on adult life with high hopes and an empty bank account. Her parents were always kind enough to deliver help and supplies in need, but unfortunately, during an “empty nest” vacation to the grand canyon, Ollie’s parents forgot to set the parking brake on their new RV and rolled into the canyon and crashed on the bottom, losing their lives in the process. This happened when Ollie was only 19 years old. Despite losing her loving parents and struggling to make ends meet, Ollie kept her head held high and worked at saving enough money to leave her home city for a new beginning, in the beautiful and mostly sunny Los Santos.

    Some of the things Ollie enjoys the most are kind and open friendships, having a good time, and partying. She is always down to party, especially if the entertainment is free. See, Ollie tries to be responsible, but she is not always. She tends to go overboard with drugs and drinking once she gets her hands on them. Maybe it’s because she’s so young, maybe it’s filling the hole in her heart from losing her parents, either way, maybe don’t give her the bottle if you’ve seen her take off her shirt too many times, or if she’s made a complete fool out of herself once or twice.

    Despite her gluttony with vices, Ollie is very loyal, has a big heart, and loves to go with the flow. She is still a shy person, but really only with strangers, and if you are lucky enough to get on her good side, then you’ll surely have a great friend on your hands.

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