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Cleatus McCrawl

Cleatus McCrawl - A Brief overview of a troubled man

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Born on the heals of what feels like century long empire, Cleatus McCrawl was raised on the stories and legends of his ancestors glory days. Cleatus was raised on the legends of Annabella 'The Scythe', the woman who brought the 'McCrawl's Roarin' and Runnin Delivery' to the frontline of the prohibition America, her uncle Belford 'Loose Tie' who is one of Americas last cases of public execution, and one of Americas first cases of mass stock-market manipulation, and of course Ben 'Strike 12' McCrawl, one of the McCrawl families greatest assets in the world of organized sports, winning a at the time, a record setting 5 times in a row in bare-knuckle boxing.

Is it truly a surprise to anyone with the weight of these greats on his back that he'd turn out the way he did, growing up being told to aim for the peaks, and when failing to reach those heights, Cleatus got to hear about it.. But he wasn't the only one who got to hear it, the rest of the family also got an earful from everyone else in it, this one day leading to Cleatus boiling over, after a particularly unsupportive teacher, by the name of Winfred Fowl, called Cleatus a 'Simpleton'. This unleashed something within Cleatus who launched into a blinding rage, and he proceeded to beat the teacher accessibly, even ripping out one of her eyes.

All this rage didn't just come from words of family though, it also came from their actions and interactions, Cleatus remembers his 10th Christmas, where during a heated argument he witnessed his Uncle (Arthur) pulled out a gun aiming it straight to his mothers head. Cleatus, given the nature of his family, already knew about death and what weapons do, however the reaction that his family treated the situation with was more that of laughter and belittling than harshness or shock.

Cleatus' mean streak didn't end at 10 however, it followed him through out the years, like how at the age of 13 he put a fellow classmate by the name of Gwen Tennyson, into a coma, after she called him and the rest of his family a 'group of low-life rat eating peasants who's never been anything and never will be anything'. Of course she wasn't fully wrong, however she wasn't fully right either, given that there was never any charges brought forward against Cleatus or the McCrawls.

It was from the age of 13 Cleatus, along with his stepbrother Billy and their cousin Joshua started taking care of Joshuas younger sister Lucia and their combined cousin Time

A few years later, when Cleatus was 16, he had his first sexual experience with a woman by the name of Paulina Smith (Formerly Paul Smith), a transgender woman who was a former friend of Cleatus' stepbrother Billy-Joe, Billy, to this day won't let Cleatus forget that Paulina was assigned the gender of male at birth, because he 'doesn't understand the trans-thing'..

The rest of Cleatus' high school life went on as normal, a few fights here and there, shanking a lunch lady for bullying his favorite teacher, all common occurrences in the life of Cleatus. At the end of his high school life Cleatus did however spin someone's jaw on the day of his graduation from high school, Cleatus says it was due to him humiliating Cleatus in front of the rest of the school, followed by calling him a 'Simple-minded Peasant', causing him to, as mentioned, dislocate the guys jaw.

Shortly following his graduation Cleatus was however, sadly sent to an Insane Asylum located in Scotland, now this wasn't by his own accords of course. His incarceration was more so forced upon him by his family.. Basically, as stated in ''the McCrawl law'', Cleatus was beginning to be viewed as a danger, to himself and others, and a lot of family members felt it would be safer to send him away to get help, however this had to be a big family decision, as ''the McCrawl law'' opposes snitching of any kind, including to medical personal. So, a Double Generational McCrawl Moot was held hosted by Cleatus' aunt (Karen), his parents (Isabelle & Tobias), along with his step-brother (Billy) and cousin (Joshua).

Cleatus, given his mental state, was easy to convince this incarceration was in fact a vacation, which he firmly believed he didn't go on by himself, believing his brother Billy joined him along the ride, and helped him play what he thought was pranks on other hotel guests but in reality it was him assaulting staff and other inmates, one particular time that stood out was when he thought his stepbrother Billy pushed a hotel guest into the hotel pool, in reality this was the homes oldest nurse (around 63) and the 'pool' was in fact an elevator shaft..

His time incarcerated wasn't all bad, he got diagnosed with D.I.D (Dissociation Identity Disorder), and it was discovered that one of his alters, who identifies himself as 'Roman' was responsible for all of Cleatus severe outbursts of rage, all to protect Cleatus and his family.

Upon Cleatus' release he was faced with the rough reality that, he was alone.. During his incarceration his Mother had died from a stroke, his dad had died from a chandelier accident, his step-brother Billy had been shot in a gang war started after the death of his little cousin, Lucia, a girl he had helped raised, had been killed in a drive by.. And Cleatus was forced to come to term with all of this at the same time, with no time in between to process before moving on to the next, all the news hit him at once.. This of course caused Cleatus to roam around for a few years before eventually joining his brother in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, his old home, where he currently reside under San Andreas Avenue bridge.

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