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Jack Collins

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Name: Jack Collins 
Date of birth: 3/30/1990
From: Chicago

Jack Collins grew up in a normal middle class midwestern home, son of James and Diane, brother to Jeff and Susan.  Jack the youngest of his family was always very athletic and good at most everything but never really liked to be "the guy" or hang out with the "cool" people. In high school he excelled at both the academics and at sports.

With a scholarship to play football he was headed off to college. Unfortunately a few bad decisions landed Jack in a heap of trouble. Looking for a way out without any legal discord Jack agreed to join the military as a combat intelligence officer.  During his 4 years in the military he grew up and learned what it meant truly have friends, brothers and sisters who laid everything out on the line to protect each other. 

After his service now 23 years old he decided to go back to college this time to law school at North Western.  After graduating with his law degree with an emphasis in constitutional law he found himself uninspired and no longer interested in creating and arguing semantics of what laws mean.  Now 28 having nothing to live for, and nothing to die for really, he decided to embark on a new journey to find himself and instill passion back into his life.

Leaving his athletic and military background behind him he moved to Los Santos to refresh himself and his career, free of any obligations to anybody and looking to find something to live and or die for.





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