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Revamp "Beginner" Freelance Jobs

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Hey all, my suggestion is to revamp certain Freelance jobs in order to produce growth for civilian RP as well as boosting the server economy as a whole.


The two jobs I suggest improving are the PostOp Delivery Van jobs and the Armoured Money Truck freelance jobs, as I feel that 80 percent of the time you see someone doing one of these jobs you will see ((New Player)) above their heads, as they are typically "beginner" jobs that people do/are recommended to do when new in the city and go on to quickly drop and never touch them again once discovering better options to make money as these two jobs provide some of the worst cash payouts among any jobs in the server. I find this quite disappointing as these jobs and the players performing them always seem to breath life into the city and add to the atmosphere of being in a real breathing city with a labor workforce performing routine services such as ATM service and mail deliveries. Not to mention how the ATM truck job in particularly is actually very important as it scriptly keeps the ATMs filled up in the city on top of IC'ly.


My suggestion on how to improve these jobs:

It's simply, add an additional payout for each ATM serviced or mail order delivered on top of the route completion bonus that you get at the end of each job. For example, currently, you could run around the map to service 15 ATMs and you would only get paid a sum of money after completing all 15 ATMs, typically getting paid around 300-800 bucks for it (same thing for delivering mail orders). The way I want to improve this, simply add a additional payment per ATM serviced or mail order delivered. For example, on top of the cash payout at the end of each ATM/Mail delivery run, you would also get a bonus amount of cash for each ATM serviced or package delivered. The bonus can range from anywhere between 100-400 dollars or however much staff see fit. This way, players would make significantly more money from these jobs and not drop them after a couple  days into the server. The bonus can be fine tuned by staff depending on how many ATMs/Orders one must complete per route (for example getting a 300 dollar bonus per ATM in a 15 ATM route may be a bit much so that can be lowered as staff see fit). This bonus may not seem like much, but I feel like it would go a long way to incentivize players to do these jobs and give them viable option to make money, especially for those crims who can't apply for legal jobs for several weeks or even months.


Right now, a new player can get very demoralized when they complete one of these routes over the course of 15 minutes+ only to receive enough money to buy a couple water bottles and maybe a burger if you're lucky (like 700 bucks) considering the amount of time and effort spent doing this work. I understand the reason the way things are now are to maintain a "balance" so that people pursue other career opportunities and ensure there is an active workforce for jobs like DCC, Bayview, PD/SD, etc, but considering there are already Freelance jobs that pay out plenty like the Paleto Bus Job or Garbage job, I don't see why we can't increase the payouts for these other jobs that are far more enjoyable and important to the city (And of course, the legal application jobs (DCC,Bayview etc.) can see an increase to pay to account for this change). Improving these jobs will give people more options and allow for more options versus the general way it is now with most people either being a crim, LEO, or legal worker. Particularly for crims, expanded viable income opportunities will allow them a chance to maintain decent income to allow them to wait out some weeks to be eligible for jobs such as DCC,Bayview etc, rather than having to resort to crime to keep themselves sustained (I understand that criminals who get caught are meant to have limited work opportunities as they would in real life, but the way things are now I feel like are way too punishing and condemning a poor guy who tries to rob a store and gets caught in his first few days in the server to weeks if not months of very legal limited work opportunities that actually pay decently is a bit much and contributes to the lack of Civillian RP).


Thank you all for taking the time to read this and please feel free to share any ideas you may have about improving these jobs, or if you think they are fine as is!

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