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Henri-Martin Schoonakker in game name, LooneySchooney on Twitch

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In the year 2342 I went through the wormhole as I have done many times. The prophets spoke to me and said I had to go back to 2021 to try and learn about this timeline. I am the first Admiral from Aqua Germania. (in this century known as the Netherlands). I moved to Los Santos 3 days ago cause I heard there is money to be made . 

Also there are rumours that there is a scientist in this town that perhaps can get me back to the future. Since I have served 20 years in star fleet I in general respect authority and will probably apply to some police force at some point. Then again I am 300 years away from the federation and their rules I might decide to stay in this century and build a new life with all the vices this timeline has to offer.

I hope to see y'all in the city boys and girls!  https://www.twitch.tv/looneyschooney


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