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Utilizing OBS Replay Buffer to Record Your Game

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With the recent implementations of
Easy Anti Cheat into RAGE, a consistent issue that has raised is the inability of properly obtaining footage due to it no longer working since the update.

Before primarily diving into OBS as an option of recording, I will provide general links to other recording software such as
Shadowplay, Medal, and Radeon Relive. These links are articles that will generally fix potential issues you're running into with your current recording software. 
This is mostly to assist those who would like to stick with what they have and would like just a general fix to it.

NVIDIA Shadowplay Fix
AMD Radeon Relive Fix
Medal TV Fix (Please refer to "Setting up your Microphone" section)

Please keep in mind the fixes above are generally focused on Audio Recording not being picked up when utilizing these options for recording.

Now with that in place, I will move forward on to OBS, which is what I've personally have been using over the past month and have never ran into any issues with recording or seen any of my performance hindered from using it.

Installing & Setting Up OBS

  • First steps would be to install OBS which can be found here
  • Once it's installed and opened, you can head to Settings > Output
  • At the top, it will say Output Mode. If this is on Simple, you'd want to change it to Advanced
  • Swap over to the Recording tab and adjust the settings to your liking, for ease of use, these are the settings I've gone with that work great.
  • Once you've finished with your settings you can head under the Replay Buffer Tab and adjust the timing for how long to record, I've personally set mine at 600 seconds to provide 10 minutes of a situation.
  • Final thing within the software is heading under Hotkeys and creating a Hotkey for Replay Buffer, you can make this whatever you're comfortable with, or even something that you'll eventually attach to a StreamDeck button, which is what I've done.
  • For recording you can add a source within the scene for Game Capture and attach the RageMP Exec File to it to properly have the game shown.


Replay Buffer enabling on PC Startup or Application Boot

One of the best things that come with using applications such as Shadowplay, Medal, and others, is being that Instant Replay is always active and ready with no need to further setup anything, compared to OBS it's an application that has to be remembered to open along with enabling the Replay Buffer.

To counter this, utilizing a simple startup command can allow you to either having OBS startup with Replay Buffer running on a PC Startup, or even having it ready to go whenever the application is opened, must you prefer to have it not open on a PC Boot.

To do this, you'd need to do as so;

  • First navigate to your Program Files folder where OBS is installed and create a shortcut of the obs64.exe file. It can be moved to the desktop for the time being.
  • Navigate to your Windows Startup folder, (You can copy paste the pathing below into Explorer Address bar)
    %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  • Take the obs64.exe shortcut that was made and move it into this folder, this will allow for the application to run whenever you boot your PC.
  • From there you want to right click on the shortcut and navigate to properties, adding --startreplaybuffer to the end of the Target.

    In the end your properties should look as so;

    Target: "C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe" --startreplaybuffer
    Start in: "C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit"

  • From there you'd just press Ok and OBS will now open whenever you start up your PC.

If you don’t want it on PC startup, you can still make the shortcut with following the steps above and have it on your taskbar or desktop so that you can manually open it at any time and have Replay Buffer instantly running. I personally have it setup to open the application directly from my StreamDeck, but it all comes down to user preference.


Hopefully this helps anyone who has been running into any issues when it comes to recording their software, either being from no audio picking up, or simply just not being able to record due to faulty software since the update.

In terms of change of performance or if it would drop frames, I personally haven't seen any change in performance with OBS only taking so little of my computer to properly run.

If you do have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to drop it below and I can try to assist with it.

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