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Kouji Kaneshiro

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"Kouji Kaneshiro" was born on February 23rd, 1994 in a small village in Japan. He was raised by a loving family all the way up to the age of 10 when they were caught in a fatal accident. Since then, Kouji had to figure out his life on his own. He lived in the streets as a homeless man. He was taken in by an older man named Kei and was taught how to read and write. Kei was like Kouji's father except he was more of a teacher and he was the pupil. Unknown to Kouji, Kei was a famous tarot card reader. Kouji was curious about reading cards so Kei taught him how to read tarot cards each year until Kei passed away 12 years later. Kouji decided to move out to a home occupied by three people for school. He wanted to prove to these people that he could read cards. They had pulled out an ouija board which was something that Kouji didn't know how to utilize. Kouji attempted to use the board, triggering two out of the three to fall into a coma. This event prompted Kouji to board out to Los Santos to escape the past.

Kouji found himself in a county (city of FamilyRP Public) of Los Santos where cops were on top of crimes. There, he decided to become a tarot reader for the city. He met countless people who needed a reading. He found himself reading books about ghost hunting, so he found himself going on a hunt with a friend he made one day. Their experience turned out to be interesting as they encountered a ghost at the boathouse at Zancudo Swamp. Later on, Kouji would find himself starting up ghost hunts to rile people together. However, one day, he almost saw himself hurt and unable to live. With the influence of wanting to find ghosts, this left Kouji in a trance where he thinks that he's being possessed. He found himself holding a knife and wearing a mask. By the time Kouji found himself conscious... a man had struck him in the head with a flashlight to knock him out a trance. Kouji was sent to the Pillbox Hospital in that county. He regained consciousness after multiple clears. He threatened the nurse to announce to the public that he was dead, causing Kouji to escape freely to the next county (Eclipse-RP). Currently, he suffers from a personality change.

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