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  1. Hello ID 176 here. Id like to say thank you to the staff for looking over this report. About an hour earlier we had hit a bank and we had all gotten away from it. We were planning on hitting another bank so we decided to go for route 68 but that bank was hit before we could meet up to head there by another gang. So we had finally decided to hit this bank instead we sent out scouts that checked the area and they had said that there was a police car sitting there watching the bank. Our scouts checked again and this cop car had either gone out of view of our scouts, hidden or left the area. We all met up and decided to head into the bank. After less than a minute the cops came out of nowhere and somehow seemed to avoid our scouts which is causing me to think that the officers were camping the bank and opened fire into the bank full of people without any demands. I believe the cops opening fire into the bank would end fear rp which allowed us all to run for our lives since some of our members had been hit with gun fire. We all decided to group up and run out at the same time to avoid all of us being caught. While I am unsure if this is allowed or not I believed since we had been shot at that fear rp is voided and we ran if that is not the case then I do apologize for any rule break. Below will be my POV that clearly shows the officer gave no demands before opening fire into the bank. I do apologize for how the video came out my OBS is kind of messed up at the moment but it does show everything that is needed. My POV: https://streamable.com/y1gi5u As for the statement above who told you there were "a lot of LS Royals" in the area and how did you know our vehicles that were out of colors and the people inside that were wearing masks were royals? As for the royals spotted in the area the below footage will show that all the royals were sitting at our HQ for over 30 mins before the robbery so when were you approached and told there were royals around the bank? You can see in the footage all of us leaving at once to make our way to the bank none of us were out driving about as seen in the footage. Longer POV: https://streamable.com/mgyw46 I have removed the audio from this video due to there being private information being talked to me with my family such as credit card numbers and medical information. Again thank you for your time Dr.Pathetic, NotMattch, and Arrta.
  2. ID 149 Here - Ill be waiting for questions from Staff but I do want to state I am not a Doctor or part of the AMU and I am just an EMT-B which is the lowest rank. I also told you multiple times EMT's are not Doctors.
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