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  1. Dale here, First to address the taco truck theft in the video you can hear me and the other man argue in about whos tacos are better so a man ran up to me and said only way to win is to get rid of the competition, Unfortunately I do not have recording software so I can not provide proof of talking to the man but that is the RP reason why I stole the taco truck. To address me running him over, In the video you can hear me tell the man if he stands in front of my taco trunk I will run him over and I told him that more then once so when I came back from the hospital (did not die so not breaking a rule) I got in my truck and tired to leave, as you can see he was blocking the way and he had be warned before so I drove out of the spot and he was in the way. I would like to note I did not turn around to come back and hit I'm I simply wanted out of the threatening situation
  2. Dale Cousineau here, Me two others found a unlocked door and where waiting to jump an officer catching them off guard to make a break out of the cell block. We where then seen attempting this by ID 138 and ID 144, at this point I was in way to deep and decided to go down fighting. As to the taser, at the time the ten second delay after the taser had run out and I had not received any /Do's from Id 138 until I had already ran away as seen in the video provided before. I have made a constant effort with this character to receive suicide by cop doing so that very day at LSC, after attempting a bomb threat me and one other struck a barrier with a car, at this point dale sprinted at the officers pointing guns in hopes he would get shot. In the prison dale ran and attacker ID 171 with the hopes that ID 144 would shoot and kill him as he did not want an extended sentence
  3. Dale Cousineau here, From my prospective I have been waiting at the gas station for someone to leave there keys on their vehicle so I could apprehend it for transportation.
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