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  1. Look I told my perspective and that was all I'm not trying to target or argue with you about your perspective, my back was turned while I was looking and going to my bike because I was not waiting to see what you came over from the other hill for. Since I couldn't upload footage which I do not have, because I was not using shadowplay and I have never used shadowplay. You're quick to assume I even had a shadowplay set up for GTA or any of my games really ( now I know it seems to be quite important and I'll have to set it up in the near future judging by your reaction). I have been playing for 3
  2. The admin I talked to in report messages just asked if I heard any demands from the other player, I didn't, I checked to see if he said anything in the text chat (again just to be sure) because that's how I usually communicate and then the admin told me not to worry about it.
  3. I talked to an admin right after this situation in report messages telling them my side, I was chasing a rat while I was hunting and stopped when I saw the other player's motorcycle coming down the mountain to my side of the mountain and I already felt like I couldn't trust him so I started planned to run to my bike to leave and I did not look (on my screen I had my camera facing my bike after I saw that he was speeding over to me) back at the other player to see what he was going once he came over. In the report messages I asked the admin about the situation and told them my side,
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