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  1. I was mining freely in the oil mine. Then two people came in a jester and they tried to rob me. Then I replied to rp and demands. I told them that is a public area and cannot be robbed. Then they left. In shortly, They came for the second time. Then in /O we talked about the rules and Then they left. After a while they came again for the third time. I got nurvous when they tried to rob me. After that everything happened is available in this evidence video. This is the my side story. Unfortunately Not working my footages due to some technical issues. They asked if he could find the key. Then I said yes. But I only meant there was a key. Then I wanted to continue the rp so I put in, finding my mule key from his keystroke. There are lot keys in my keystroke. Then when I was going to continue the rp the person who came and called the police. There one of the robbers shot the person who came and then they shoot me. They kill without giving any demand. I apologize if I did something wrong.
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