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  1. I have direct proof that the demotion was due to you feeling that he was a hassle and a reason given was because he cost rose "...over 13k worth of shit. That's like 2 hours grinding". You're telling him not to lie when you're lying yourself. You directly stated to him that you were moving him back to "prospect" with that situation, although being META to Caesar, being one of the strong points of your reasoning. Again, I can provide pictures of some messages if need be.
  2. Personally from being in the situation that caused the "break-up", both Rose and AJ died, yet Rose still somehow remembered the situation enough to tell Ceasar despite dying and having her memory wiped. If that was the case, Caesar's emotions shouldn't have been so obviously set against AJ when in IC, there was no reasoning, yet META was enough to turn Caesar's characters IC attitude to a negative and hostile state towards AJ. AJ seems to be responding through Discord with means of IC because Caesar, despite being out of town, and despite being informed by a character that had a memory wipe, still let what he was told obviously affect his RP. I feel that Caesar manipulated AJ by initiating the hostility by confronting him about the gun, moving him back to "prospect", and about the entire situation, despite me, Vick Rowell, being the only person that was able to remember that situation. In no way, should Caesar have gotten that information and let it affect his RP. Yet he did and it affected the way other's RP. From my point of view, Caesar put AJ in a spot where he was forced to alter his roleplay. With that being said, since Caesar let it alter his roleplay in some way, I don't see any reason why AJ's character wouldn't have a grudge against them. Caesar was talking IC as well as AJ in the recorded Discord messages, there was no reason he shouldn't believe it wasn't IC if his "boss" is directly talking to him about the situation via OOC means. So I believe AJ was given the illusion of being demoted and targeted despite it being OOC purely because a "higher up" had initially contacted him OOC with the conversation being disguised as IC because of broken NLR reasons. I see the two constantly recognizing each other through masks at the pier, so I'm not quite too sure why this situation was different unless there was some sort of grudge. I can provide some Discord messages if need be, even connecting Discord privileges to IC reasons, stating "This is why you weren't given the discord to join lol. We had our doubts". I believe despite DeanDolan saying he constantly disapproves of using Discord for IC reasons, he continuously uses it for such.
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