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  1. Hi, I am ID 3 Danny Wobble, what Anton said is exactly what happened.
  2. if player terry king showed the rest of the clip, you would see i did not come back out from underneather the water
  3. I also messaged the player apologising letting them know what really happened.
  4. I would like to state that I fully understand the fear rule, and did not mean to jump into the water. If I survived in the water I would have come back and carried on the roleplay, but I died and lost all my items so I was not able to do this.
  5. Hi there, it is Danny Wobble. I explained to benny that it was an accident. I had a pistol on me, and i pressed space bar before i took it out by accident, which leaped me into the water. As I am still new and getting used to this game i did not know how to swim and i drownd in the water, loosing all of my things. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, but I can promise you that it was an accident.
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