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  1. What do you know of this situation? That I got VDM. Why did you drive through/over the scene? To make sure the dude was okay cause his friend ran him over Why were you in the area and get out of your vehicle at the time? cause the downed dude was in the vehicle so that's why i was in area. got out to make sure the dude was okay. Do you have any relations or situations regarding these individuals? no. but yes a situation cause he VDM
  2. Player(s) being reported: id 199 Date of interaction reported: 10/14/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1602693169 Your characters name: Lamar Rich Other player(s) involved: id 239 id Specific rule(s) broken: Vehicle Death Matching " PASTE THE FULL RULE FROM THE RULE BOOK HERE " How did the player break the rule(s) so his friend got in my car he got out then th other person ran over is friend the a couple seconds later he ran me over. The EMT Has Footage of it he well be providing it. So this Happen I was driving by the pier and some got in my car so i drove away the
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