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  1. Jermaine Brown | ID 43 - My point of view of this situation is that we were informed that the jackals were having a meeting with the reapers. We pulled up and i initiated Death matching rights and gave demands. While i was saying "Hands up or die" i saw ID 31 running to his black warrener while i had him at gun point giving him demands while continued to get in his car turn it on and drive off while trying to ram Roland Brown in the video he showed. Dont have any footage because my instant replay was off.
  2. I did not know Teejay was getting arrested, i was going to the store to get a radio.You can see i was trying to get through by me honking then teejay hops in my car while he has tazers pointed at him.The reason why i left was because in my pov teejay was in my car sitting there and i thought they were asking for him to hop out of the vehicle, and when he got tazed again the game re-synced and he was out of my car and You can see in the video i didnt respond to the officer because i thought the officer was talking to teejay and i left because i did not want to get involved in that situation. also on this server i have a constant ping of 170-175. I did not get the recording of the incident because i did not think it was gonna be this serious until the officer pm'd me saying i was gonna get reported and i clipped the last 10mins and it showed what happened after. I have proof of me putting my radio on and changing my radio freq because i went and bought one. I only got 10 minutes of footage and it did not show the incident Evidence: https://streamable.com/15ee39
  3. I logged on to the server when i woke up i went to go take a shower, I did not want to get kicked while went and took a shower. I used a macro from the steel series software that i used in another game so that i would not get kicked for afk.I thought i could use it on here and i did not think much of it, i know i should checked before i did.I see how serious this is and i now know its against the rules and that i recognize i messed up big time and im sorry for that and it wont happen ever again.
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