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  1. Issue Being Reported: I'm trying to login to the Eclipse RP. Every time I use my login I'm met with, "Account not found." When I try to recover my login I get the same message,"Account not found." I just had my ban lifted from 1 month today. Did my account get deleted? I've seen others that were banned for longer return on the same account.. I am just trying to log back into my account I have a lot of hours put onto there with things that I bought on there as well. Please help! Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 07-31-2020/4:09 EST Your characters name: Rajj Kumar Other player(s) involved: Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning:
  2. I'm sorry im still getting used to the way things work here, I clearly know my mistake, i wasnt sure how to format the report. This wont happen again. I thought that I was suppose to type in what rule i thought he had broken. I will re read all rules again. Im sorry for causing this trouble. It will never happen again and now understand how things work on the forums and in game, Please spare me this time! I promise this will not happen again!
  3. Issue fixed. Than you staff.
  4. Thank you brother, I learned my lesson and I have you to thank for that,
  5. I promise i will play this server properly im sorry again. Please let me enjoy the server. Especially during this times with covid . Please and thank you. I love this community and dont want to jeopardize my place here. Sorry again taxi guys and admins. I am reformed. I enjoy this game too much please show some mercy
  6. ah man i sorry to you player victor, I wasnt myself. You're going really hard to get me banned but i learned my lesson and re read the rules. I hope to keep enjoying the game properly.
  7. I've learned my lesson. I will be a proper model citizen. Please give me another chance. (also new to rp so re reading the rules again and again)
  8. Why did you return to the scene of your death 2 minutes after being killed by the reporting party? I returned to the scene to see what was going on with the aftermath. I lost my memmory so i was just checking it out, I did not realize i couldnt do that so that wont happen again. Why did you mix the OOC communication (/b) given to you stating your OOC replies in VOIP? Why did you use non-IC terms in voip (ex: Server is lagging, then apologizing in IC chat about breaching NLR etc)? I do take medication sometimes for my anxiety and i get out o character sometimes, from now on i play this game off my medication. It only causes problems. So no more of that. Why did you openly rob someone in such a public place? Such as a tunnel road in which would be filled with passing vehicles, then relocating to a populated Money Transport Security staffing area? I know now that i cannot do that in those situations. Im sory about this one, it wont happen again. I get the rules now. Why did you perform a frisk with no /me's or /do's even though the reporting party had explained in OOC chat about the requirement to use roleplay commands as described For this one, i have done the RP /me /do but it didnt register in the chat. Ill be sure to be more careful about it. Why did you breach Fear RP by trying to steal a taxi while having four (4) weapons aimed at your person? Additionally, why did you then use your phone while having several weapons aimed at you? I understand i cant use my phone when guns are pointed at me, thats my mistake. I know now that is wrong. And i re read the rules. Please forgive me and this like this wont happen again. I re read the rules and im %100 understanding of them. I love this server I';ve learned my lesson
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