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  1. So i was RPing farming in a field when a person by the id of 171 Ran me Over once. Player ID 4 nd i Then went over to guy to speak to him he started speaking ooc in regular chat as seen in the screenshots provided Player ID 4 Then enabled Fear RP using his pistol but the person decided to run me over downed me and drove off while down i reported to an admin. which took at least 30 mins While waiting for an admin a person pick pocketed me and stole my GPS and map and 4 Bobbi pins during the long wait time!!! waiting for an admin someone then decides to rob my vehicle i believe the same person while i died i lost cash small amount but then i lost a .50 Pistol because my vehicle was stolen i need a refund for my stolen items.
  2. Daveno


    Date and time (provide timezone): 2020-04-24 Character name: Michigan Davis Issue/bug you are reporting: DMV Tutorial crashes my game im trying to ger one but whenever i click tutorial instant crash
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