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  1. Hi, As I mentioned in my response, the driver exits the vehicle as its going off the ramp. I don't have a recording program or you would have seen from my point of view of leaping as the vehicle goes off the ramp. The video shows a delayed response to my leap and rag dolls my body, where as in my screen it was a simple small leap a couple feet off the water. I don't think it would put my life in danger as I leaped into the water (you can jump into water from very high distances and still be uninjured irl) as soon as the ramp was reached. the vehicle doors were unlocked so it's not like my character was rushing to leap. The setup was all ready to go, the door was already unlocked and the jump began as I reached the ramp. Jumping from a moving vehicle into land would of course put my life in danger, but jumping into water would not be (as long as you can swim). I don't believe in any way, shape, or form that my character's life was in danger in the jump. I think the part that put my life in danger the most during the chase was when the police had rammed me on the driver side. The one thing that gets me is that they used cell phone tracking which I think is unrealistic. As if a phone gets submerged in water phones typically shut off themselves as the circuitry gets wet and is unable to run correctly. I swam underwater the entire time yet he was tracking my movement without vision? All in all I don't believe my characters life was in danger from the jump and it was performed correctly.
  2. I'm Nate Bev, On my behalf I would like to mention the vehicle was not mine. I think the escape was wise as I had leaped from the vehicle before it reached the water. Now if I were to attempt to exit the vehicle once it was underwater then I could see how that would be unrealistic. But exiting the vehicle before it reaches the water can be realistically done, as you open the door to jump as I was going off the ramp. I had no fear in losing the vehicle as the vehicle was not mine (as I had mentioned). I don't believe anything wrong was done here in this scenario, as it can be done realistically.
  3. JequiBrown

    Dm Report

    (Jequi Brown) From my understanding of the roleplay experience is that in /do you cannot lie. When the player said he had two guns and did not drop them, I was allowed to kill him, and not all guns show (heavy pistol doesn't show when equipped), he was also wearing a longer sweatshirt that would hide a gun if he was wearing one. To my knowledge everything done was in compliance to the rules. The player had mentioned he had 2 guns and flexed his muscle, for all that I know he could've been roleplaying pulling out a gun. Which is known as Fear RP, if the player is in fear for his life why would he lie about having a gun and then flexing his arm muscle with pulling a gun and pretending to shoot. I believe I had full authority in shooting the player due to his actions
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