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  1. You were at a drug lab, got ingredients on you and picking up plants, don't you think that means you're cooking/going to cook? After you were chased from the drug lab to sandy MD which is a NCZ, you said this: Pausing or cancelling roleplay is not something up to you. After you decided to continue roleplay you stopped in the middle of the road, we gave you demands and tried to get you to the desert which is somewhat of a secluded area, and you just decided not to listen to our demands, stand still and spam the OOC chat. I'm really not sure what's the point of this co
  2. Looting a dead body isn't against the rules?
  3. Why am I even mentioned in this complaint? I did not even shoot nor asked that guy to shoot, not sure why this guy mentioned my ID here. @MarcoD
  4. I was ID 108 and I don't even see myself in that video?
  5. It was probablya bug or because of your ping, the picture shows a gun behind your back and a gun in your hand and the animation of grabbing the gun did not start yet, you had no gun in your hand when I had mine out and told you to put your hands up. This also shows that I pulled out my gun first after telling you to put your hands up. https://gyazo.com/b28ae539a233e2a69463fa1d73875522 Obvious FRP.
  6. The video clearly shows at 2:50 that I already had my gun pointed at you AFTER telling you to put your hands up before you started taking out your gun which is FRP. I still apologize about the NLR though, completely my fault, sorry about it.
  7. I actually said hands up BEFORE you started taking out your gun, and I pulled out mine before you even reached out to yours. If the NP had intentions to rob you he would've punched you or something during the shootout but instead he stood still until you started shooting him for absolutely no reason.
  8. I honestly have nothing to say in this situation as I was 100% mistaken and I apologize for that. I can refund the poster whatever he lost if he wants me to, this was totally my mistake and I'm sorry about that and it will never be repeated. Even though this is a complaint against me, I'd like to point out that the poster killed the new player without any proper reason which is DM, the new player had no intentions to rob him or harm him as he just stood still next to me, I also pulled out my gun, said hands up before he even reached out to his gun to shoot me.
  9. You're speaking like I was ramming everyone I saw there, the guy on the bike clearly stopped moving infront of me while I was driving which led to me ramming him.
  10. I did not know that jumping using that ramp is not allowed, as it was not blocked by an object like many other ones. About the VDM part not sure how I broke any rule by ramming someone I'm in a war against once.
  11. I'd like to mention that you answered him in voice chat when he said he can't move in /b which is also MG. You have more than 5k xp and you should know what's MG and what's not.
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