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  1. I’m pretty sure I crashed into you so you also did not RP and injury’s
  2. And at no time did I see a gun pointed at me in close range installed my car and got out and ran and had my back to you I never heard or saw you shout I only saw your PM that you would report me so I stopped to see why and you ran up to me and pointed a gun at me. You would not of caught me as I was across the highway when you PM me
  3. I would not of had a gun pointed in my face if you did not PM me and say stop or else I’m reporting you. Like I said multiple times that’s the only reason I stopped and you caught up to me
  4. Who said I gained 500 pounds I have always RP my weight of 500 pounds I did stall RP that’s all I agree with but the only reason I stalled was because I was pissed that you would not of caught me for I was on the other side of the highway when you PM me and I feel I could of got away. You also had no reason to chase me for I left when you told me too
  5. Also when I was at the hospital I was RP a suicidal you can even ask the medic that dropped me off I was telling him that. So when he was pointing a gun at me I continued to RP suicidal death by cop that’s why I attacked him. Which is a realistic situation that happens every day he should of RP that and shot me which he did not
  6. On my screen I did not go into his car i was at the prison to visit my buddy and I saw the guy running and went to get a closer look I never said get in or tried to break him out. I also left the prison ground when he told me he pointed a gun at me as I was in a running car atleast two car lengths away I crashed my car in the highway and started to run. My back was to him so how would I know he had a gun to me? I stopped when he pm me but in my opinion he would not of caught me if he did not ooc pm with threats of reports that’s the only reason I stopped. I am now serving a prison sentence for
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