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  1. lokeh


    I texted you, if you get in town send me a text back and we can hook up.
  2. lokeh


    If you leave town before I get in you can change door price and I'll buy it at door if no other bids come in.
  3. lokeh


    I'm out of town right now and won't be in for a bit, don't know my number of the top of my head but I'll text as soon as I'm in town if no one outbids.
  4. lokeh


    I'll buy it for 300
  5. How much storage space does a packer have?
  6. I am looking for a 1g preferably a lower traffic area. Contact me here or call me at 356-9602. Ask for Will.
  7. This still open or has it sold?
  8. lokeh

    Selling 1g

    Couldn't reach you by email. Are these still available and how can I get in touch for more information?
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