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  1. Dear Admins, Please someone review my case, I can not tolerate this ban. We are four friends [Inmate, KhashayaR, NimaGame, Foton] that we were playing together on this server, we got ban because of ban evading, as I considered our accounts were linked by playing with my PC and Steam account, When my friends were at my house, I was teaching them how to RP, because they were new at this mod, so they just logged in with my PC and Steam ID once and no more and none of us execpt KhashayaR does not have even a warn, so please review our appeals at forum, we are waiting about 3-4 weeks, without any reply. Thanks.
  2. Please someone respond me, Thanks.
  3. Account name: inmate Character name(s): Antonio Valencia Admin who issued punishment: Archaeah (Ban was given by: Brawnkoh) Date of punishment: 2019-09-17 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Ban Evading Your explanation of what happened: I don't have any idea what happened, I just came home from work and I just wanted to play on this amazing server, suddenly I saw, I can't connect to server because of permanent ban. I have never heard about ban reason, I mean Ban Evading, But I guess, it 's about my Internet connection. My Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives me a dynamic IP range that it would change when I restart my router, because of that I think you considered that I have given my account to someone else. Most of the time I use VPN for my business stuff. This is my one and only account that I have on this server and I didn't give my account to anybody else, I have never used someone else account. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Would you please explain my main punishment reason? Thanks. Post any evidence or further details:
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