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  1. Hi I am Sean-Derda in this clip. As you can see from the clip its says that I have timed out meaning that I did not purposefully leave the game and my game crashed. I was already at my last little bit of health. My game crashed for someone reason right when I died so when I was coming back into the game I died right away and got put at Pillbox which the logs can prove.
  2. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Timothy_Barnes Character to Transfer To: Sean_Derda Requested Transfer: Asset $275,000 Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: Over the past month or so Sean Derda has been going through a tough time in his life and has been having a financial crisis. Sean Derda was bullied through his whole life because of him being gay, Sean Derda did not like that so he decided to grow confidence and try to preform a gender change. Well that gender change unfortunately cost a lot of money which in turn caused Sean to grow broke. This put Sean into a state of depression as he had no one to help him out through this tough time. Sean eventually reached out to one of his old friends Timothy Barnes who he knew as a kid and grew up with, to ask him for financial help. Timothy Barnes really had a hard time processing what happened with Sean and wanted to help him out as much as possible. Timothy already having a great lifestyle and having everything he wanted in life decided to give Sean some of his extra money that he was not using and thought it would have a better use if Sean used it to help get him back on track. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Chuck_Derda
  3. I will sell you mine for 500k fully maxed
  4. Hello I am ID 149(Tim) in this situation. As you can see from the beginning of the video when he says that he has dropped the weapons I clearly ask for screenshots. As RP is not paused and have not been provided screenshots I continue the RP normally. I understand that other people were saying that I didn't not matter if you had the screenshots are not but I can be clearly seen that I was asking for them and didn't get provided any.
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