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  1. Nessie

    ID 39, ID 91 (NRP/FRP)

    Initially I had only seen one of the guys with his gun, which at the time he was pointing the gun at my comrade which is the reasoning for me pulling out my pistol. To my knowledge my gun was being drawn and I was not under FearRP, limitations to the GTA game script made me face that way, I opened fire as soon as i saw the second fellow that was pointing a gun at me, which is the reasoning for my actions and why I opened fire upon them.
  2. The Opposing party has been spoken to and we worked it out OOC'ly. We were able to come to an understanding of the situation and the issue was resolved. Thank you for your time.
  3. Nessie

    ID 30-Dm

    ID 30 Here, Firstly that contender you were in was not yours, it was stolen from one of my allies which you were attempting to chop until we rolled up on you at the chop location. There were two of my buddies that were chasing you with their guns out telling you to stop and put your hands up, after allowing them to make their demands and you not complying to the FearRP I went ahead and tagged you with my motorcycle.
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