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  1. @Mickeyyy Correct. However Stryker would not know this.
  2. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Johnathan Stryker Character to Transfer To: Daemon Mercer Requested Transfer: Hakuchou Drag Bike Reason for Transfer: Back Before Lost Santon, Johnathan and Daemon used to love working on machinery in their garage. Assembling and repairing old bikes was a favored hobby among this. Considering John still feels he owes Daemon still quite a debt, he figured it'd be a good gift for him, as the bike has been gathering dust since the day he bought it, and someone that can appreciate it would see it to better use. Within the speed limit of course. ((I bought the bike ages ago because I thought they looked cool. They're just too fast for my character, I'd lose my job if I lose my license, or go to jail. I'd rather actually able to use it and play with it on a character where that's not a risk.)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? A trusted third party.
  3. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Johnathan Stryker Character to Transfer To: Daemon Mercer Requested Transfer: Specter Custom [CW41CH1D] Reason for Transfer: Daemon and Johnathan go back to their times when they were in the armed forces. They bonded greatly during their deployment overseas. A pivotal point was where on purpose, or not, Daemon had shielded Johnathan from an IED, losing partially his vision and getting shredded by shrapnel. Johnathan Promised him what was practically a life debt. And even though they parted ways in the army, it was by pure chance they would find each other again in Los Santos. He can't really throw himself in front of a bullet for Daemon, but instead he would like to gift him the vehicle. ((On an OOC note, I can't actually enjoy the vehicle on my main, as a single reckless operation will land me in jail. And lose me my job. I would still like to enjoy the vehicles the server has to offer to their fullest.)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? It would be done IC, with a mutual third party contact.
  4. More than the entire pool area. Building Area is positively massive.
  5. [BUYOUT 700K] (At Door) [Bidding starts at 600K] 5015756 or Nyte™#[email protected] This Luxurious 2G apartment has been lovingly redecorated to fit even the finest taste, with plenty of storage to store your valuables. You could park your boat just outside, or take a stroll to the beach across the street, or just a small dip in the pool right outside, Olympic size. Entire Pool Area is yours to build around. One way or another, you will find a new cozy home with this apartment.
  6. Heya! I am the Police Officer in the video. The situation played out as follows, and is visible in the videos posted. - Einaro Blatniak rammed my cruiser at high speed, sent me flying, stalled both of us. -He was held at gunpoint and told to exit the vehicle. -He opened fire and was gunned down. -When medical RP began, he didn't respond, was warned that if he doesn't CPR will be forced. -I waited a good amount of time, told him to please respond to RP within 30 seconds or I will force. -Medical was forced. -The same goes for transporting him to the fresh cruiser. He didn't respond to any officers.
  7. lapblood

    ID 80 ForceRP/PG

    I'm the officer in question. The suspect was told to remove his mask and identify himself. Refused several times and was told he was detained. He then ran off after removing his mask whilst being told to stop. At the car he was told to exit several times, and that he was detained. (Again) After refusing and telling me to fuck off IC several times I opened the door and issued the final warning as seen in the clip. He was charged with Failure to Comply and an Unlicensed Firearm.
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