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  1. Im trying to connect the server to know if the admins verified my account and when I try to login it ask for me to verify my location with the emails it send to me but I dont get any emails and it stuck so if someone can help me I will be greatfull please. By the way it says that Im currently unverified in the panel user, and it been like this for 6 days at least.
  2. Moshe

    Verify your location

    Hey serthon its still the same Im trying to connect and it say verify you location and then I connect the panel and it say that I have the verify my account at the email but I dont get any emails...
  3. Moshe

    Verify your location

    I have connected to the panel right now and the panel request email verification and I dont have any email from you.
  4. Hey I just signed up now and Im waiting for them to approve me, and now I just logged in the game and the game request to verify my location with the email but I dont get emails from you guys please help.
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