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  1. You gave me the pw to your account to sign you periodically. You said this in your original post. How the hell would I know that your grocery password was also your eclipse pw's? I also had no idea what your accounts names were until you told them to me. Go check the logs, it'll line up with exactly what I just said I did. I did take these items and transfer to me AFTER you told me I could. AFTER giving me permission to gain access to your account. AFTER telling me your login name and pw's. You are just angry now because we broke up after this happened and now you want it all back. Even though you told me face to face you were done with the game and never coming back. If you want to piss and moan about these items I will give them back, no problem. Right here and right now. If it means you will stop crying about it. I'm done replying to this thread. It's in the hands of the God's now.
  2. Johnny Lockwood has no involvement in this case. He's grasping at straws.
  3. Hi, For one, having him air out our personal life was unnecessary. Thank you for hiding those portions of the post. 1. Account Ownership and Responsibility Account ownership is non-transferable and is the property of the creator. All players are responsible for their account, IP address, social club, and hardware. Linked accounts will face the same punishments and cannot be unlinked. Players must not trade their accounts for money or valuables. He gave me his pw to log him in regularly and told me I could have whatever since he would not be returning. 3. Character Creation and Property Character names must be realistic and resemble real world names. Character names cannot be names of famous people. Players may not scam or deceive other players out of character for their property. Players may not transfer assets to other players or to other characters they own without proper IC reason. Doing so will be treated as Real World Trading (RWT) unless approved by an admin. He had IC reason because he got fed up with some other admin forum post he made so he got on a plane and left the city. As it was blatantly put in his original post. I already spoke privately with an admin about some things as I felt the original post was very personal. I will tell you exactly what I told him: He quit the game and gave me his pw to log in and take whatever as he wasn't returning. I placed the house up on the market for 1$ and bought it with my personal account. I drove his vehicle back to the public garage for him and left it there. He bought me a limo for my club awhile back and said have whatever so I got the limo and mule off ghetts account. I transfered it to a friend that was unknowing of the situation. Shortly after this he found out about my new ic relationship and got extremely upset, which ultimately led to this post. He got jealous and malicous about it and escalated it to this degree. Now, I have decency and respect to not insult or bring up our personal lives so I will refrain, although, I felt the part about finding out the ic relationship was relevant to this post. Guage Michaels is my new ic bf and did not have any prior knowledge of the house trading. What you guys decide to do with this post is entirely up to you but I am an open book about this and will not hide what I did. I am willing to live with whatever consquences, although I felt I was entirely within my rights. I will walk away from this and move on. regarless the outcome. Thank you for hearing me out.
  4. AVAILABLE AT HIGHEND FOR PURCHASE Contact me pursonally if you want custom plate.
  5. FOR SALE SOLD Maxed Coquette Custom License Plate 400k OBO Contact Chanty: 550-1227 ((Discord:Chanty#3110)) *Am willing to change license plate prior to purchase to whatever is requested*
  6. I would love to see the deparment radio chat for EMS be visually distinguished from regular 911 calls which is 'Orange'. For example: Possibly the PD to MD chat could be the font color 'Blue' since the blips are blue and for the EMS panic alarms, it could be 'Red'. EMT-B Chanty Lynn
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