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  1. Character to Transfer From: Jake Osborn Character to Transfer To: Mark Mac Requested Transfer: Bike BF400-valued around 50k Car F620-valued 35k Money: 10k Reason for Transfer: Mark Mac is a proffesional motocross driver. He is a very talented guy and he has already won many titles. He is from Slovenia. Some talent-looking guys saw him at the European championship where he won the race. They saw the pontencial in him so they contacted him and gave him a contract which he signed. The contract included a fancy car-F620 and 10k dollars. His sponsors let him keep his old bike-BF400 as a respect for all the commercial he made by using their stuff and winning lots of races. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With my friend Dimitry Cerbach.
  2. Natsu

    ID 103 VDM in NCZ

    Player(s) being reported: ID 103 Date of interaction reported: 23.05.2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1558640347 Your characters name: Jake Osborn Other player(s) involved: ID 30, ID 202, ID 211, ID 99, ID 34, ID 168, ID 107 Specific rule(s) broken: Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. How did the player break the rule(s)? The player just drove with a car into a group of people at bank. Evidence of rule breach: https://imgur.com/MHaBIfz
  3. Natsu

    ID 54 SCAM

    Player(s) being reported: ID 54 Date of interaction reported: 16.05.2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1558032420 Your characters name: Jake Osborn Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: Scamming. How did the player break the rule(s)? He was selling me a car Jester for 210k. We made a contract and I paid 210k. He left with money and car. I'm just trying to say to player that I've been playing since april and that 210k was all I got if he could be understandable and return it to me. Evidence of rule breach:
  4. I am selling a fully moded schafter for 95k.
  5. I'm buying a house, budget is 130k
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